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Park(ing) Day is an international event that tasks individuals and organizations to reuse a metered street parking space for something other than its originally intended use. The mission of Park(ing)Day at Georgia Tech's School of City and Regional Planning is to spark a conversation with passersby to help educate them how public space is designed and allocated. We are also hoping to inspire people to interact with these temporary public spaces in new and innovative ways.

Watch the video from Park(ing) Day 2016 to catch a glimpse of all the exciting activities we had - instead of parked cars!

To learn more about Park(ing) Day, check out


  • Xpress

  • MARTA Department of Research & Analysis
  • Midtown Alliance

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Highlights of Park(ing) Day 2021

Park(ing) Day 2016
Tech Square ATL

Park(ing) Day 2016

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