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Clare Healy, PRESIDENT

I guide the high-level priorities of SPA and ensure our board acts in a coordinated manner so that we make the most of our resources and achieve the greatest impact. While the VP is our liaison with the SCaRP administration, I am the more externally facing liaison and act as an ambassador for SPA with outside organizations and professionals. As part of this, I lead the Professional Development Committee along with Anna Baggett. 

Any questions about the President position? Email Clare at

Mirit Friedman, VICE PRESIDENT

The SPA Vice Presidents acts as the liaison between Scarp and the students. They attend faculty meetings and support the school in appointing student representatives to the different committees (ie. MCRP, diversity, faculty searches, etc.). As matters arise on the SPA and Scarp side, the VP ensures those matters are communicated to the other party. In the event that student issues arise, the VP helps direct students to the appropriate school or campus resources to help resolve the respective issues. 

Any questions about the Vice President position? Email Mirit at

Leigh Huffman, SECRETARY

The Secretary primarily provides support to the President in ensuring the smooth functioning of the organization. I send out the Sunday Star, maintain the SPA calendar of events, and keep the minutes at Board Meetings. The Secretary can lead or take on supporting roles in other SPA events and initiatives, based on personal interest.

Any questions about the Secretary position? Email Leigh at


The Alumni and Professional Network Chair acts as a liaison between SCaRP students and the school’s professional and alumni networks, particularly the Georgia Planning Association (GPA) and the American Planning Association (APA). Specific leadership activities include organizing SPA’s Professional Mentorship Program and co-leading the Professional Development Committee.

Any questions about the Alumni and Professional Network Chair position? Email Anna at

Grace Graszer, SOCIAL CHAIR

The Social Chair enhances SCaRP's sense of community to ensure students have a social support network. Responsibilities include planning monthly social happy hours (First Fridays), matching incoming, international, and returning students through the Buddy Program, and planning other social outings such as hikes, sporting events, and potlucks.

Any questions about the Social Chair position? Email Grace at


The Social Justice Chair is responsible for creating events focused on the issues of social justice and equity, primarily as they relate to planning. The Chair, with the help of volunteer Committee members, will organize community service events as needed, with special attention paid to a metro Atlanta neighborhood of choice, in which Committee members will focus volunteer efforts. In addition to volunteering and community outreach, the Chair is responsible for coordinating equity-focused professional development events like the Option Paper Equity Workshop and the Equity Planning Hackathon. The Social Justice Chair works with the SPA Board to create skills-building opportunities to empower students to make positive impacts as professionals.

Any questions about the Social Justice Chair position? Email Curtis at

Nick Johnson, TREASURER

As Treasurer, I oversee the financial position of the organization. This involves the management of existing funds, including reimbursements and budget projections, as well as coordination of revenue-generating activities, such as grant applications and dues collection. Along with the President and VP, I work with student government, SCaRP, and external planning agencies and professionals to bolster our financial health and programming.

Any questions about the Treasurer position? Email Nick at


The webmaster is in charge of maintaining SPA's webpage and other social media platforms. Responsibilities include updating events, creating and posting flyers, and organizing event registration and website forms. The webmaster is also responsible for design and graphic training to SPA and SCaRP students. While this position requires creativity and design strengths, it also requires organization and timely adjustments.

Any questions about the Webmaster position? Email Meng at

Environment & Health Committee Chair

The Environment & Health Committee Chair will be in charge of the Environment & Health Committee. Responsibilities are TBD.


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