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GT Resources - Printing and Computing


Being a technologically-oriented school, Georgia Tech has a vast amount of computing resources at our disposal. Some of the resources most commonly used by the School of City and Regional Planning graduate students are listed here.

Most of the information you need should be contained within the City Planning Computing Orientation guide or on the COA IT Resources page.


Central Printing


Use your [technology] fee and save a tree. Central Printing is an exceedingly helpful asset (when it's working...) that is available to every single student at Georgia Tech. From any computer on or off campus, you can send files to the Georgia Tech central printers to be printed, stapled, and delivered to a specially marked mailbox (bin) in the basement of the main library.


The great benefit of this service is that printed pages do not count against your weekly campus printing quota (currently 100 VPU per week*) and by default, they come out double-sided. This format is perfect for creating less bulky hard copies of the voluminous readings that City Planning students are responsible for. Bump up to 4X efficiency by printing two pages per sheet.



The easy way to use central printing is to select this print option when printing from any computer in the Library or Student Center computer labs. Pick up your collated and stapled print-outs from your library bin in a few hours.


Simply download the printer drivers available here and follow the instructions on setting up your personal computer to print to CentralPS.  Note: the site also contains printer drivers for printing to the student center/library printers.

Central Printing Delivery Schedule:


Monday8:00am, 9:00am, 12:30pm, 4:30pm
Tuesday9:00am, 12:30pm, 4:30pm
Wednesday9:00am, 12:30pm, 4:30pm
Thursday9:00am, 12:30pm, 4:30pm
Friday9:00am, 12:30pm, 4:30pm


Note: You may have to submit your print job up to two hours before the delivery time to ensure that it is included in the next delivery.  Check to see if Central PS has taken care of your print jobs here (this only works on the campus network, i.e., on-campus computer/wifi or virtual lab machine).



College of Architecture (COA) Printers and Computers


There are four official computer labs in the architecture building that GTMCRP students may use:

  • CP Commons - room 212 (5 computers)
  • Basement Lab - room 011 (4 computers)
  • GIS/Main Lab - room 359 (30+ computers)
  • Design Lab - room 360 (15+ computers)
  • Architecture Library - 1st floor (5+ computers)

Scanners are located in the Design Lab and the Architecture Library. There is also a large-format scanner in room 358.


There are a few sets of printers in the Architecture building that City Planners can use. If for whatever reason your workstation is not connected to these, click the Windows icon, type "\\coaprint1" (without quotes) in the search bar, and then select the respective printer. The printers at your disposal are:

  • Two color printers (Speedy and Stumpy)** and one black and white printer (Big Bertha) outside of room 359
  • A black and white printer in the CP Commons
  • A black and white printer in the Basement Lab (you will likely need to manually connect to this printer the first time)
  • Cheech and Chong, the resident plotters (Arch-W office next to room 359)
  • A couple of black and white printers in the Architecture Library

Your COA student account is given $5.00 at the beginning of each semester for use of these printers. A black and white page costs $0.05 and a color page costs $0.20. When this money runs out, you can recharge your account by giving more $$ to Tech Support in Room 360. There is no warning that pops up on the screen if you try to print something but don't have the funds in your account to do so.



Other Campus Computing Labs


Besides limited access computer labs (such as the ones in the Architecture building), there are several general labs around campus. They are located in the Main Library (1st floor) and Student Center (2nd floor). The Main Library also has a multimedia design center (now located on the 0th floor) and is open around the clock. You have a weekly printing quota of 100 VPUs to use in these labs. This quota is recharged automatically every Saturday night at midnight, and unused VPUs do not accumulate.

Additionally, there is another plotter available for general use in the Main Library Multimedia Lab on the basement level.  Its name is Darth Vader.


Local Area Wireless Network (LAWN)


If you have your own laptop computer, you can log on to the Georgia Tech wireless network from almost anywhere on campus both indoors and out. See instructions here: If you have trouble setting this up, OIT staff in the Clough building can help.



College of Architecture Server Access (VPN)


The College of Architecture also has its own virtual private network (VPN) that you can use to access the COA server inclduding course folders, public folders, and your network drive (H:/). You can also print to COA printers when connected to the VPN. Here is where you can find appropriate VPN software so you can get to your COA files from the comfort of your living room.


Another quick way to access your COA files through a web browser is by visiting (you may get a message from your browser suggesting that it's not safe to proceed --- this is one of the few times you can ignore that safeguard!).  

From here you can navigate to the Public, Course, or Students folders.  Under Students, find your id (e.g. gburdell3) and access your beautiful documents!

Personal Webpages


One perk of attending Georgia Tech is that you are given space for a personal webpage. By default, the address is, where the X's are replaced by your assigned GT# (e.g. gth999z). Besides its obvious use as a outlet of personal expression, this webspace is useful if you have a group project and multiple people need to be able to access files from anywhere.


If you are somewhat familiar with file transfers (SFTP or SCP) and HTML, give it a whirl: Prism webpage FAQ


WinSCP is a good free client for file transfers, and can be used to access the main Prism server (@ from anywhere.


Useful FREE Software and Instructional Classes



Besides the file transfer application listed above (WinSCP), various other software programs can assist you while completing your City and Regional Planning degree. Many programs are available free to Georgia Tech students, or are generally available on the internet. They include:


Endnote: an excellent bibliographic program that automatically organizes and formats any sources you reference for papers


Google Earth: 3-D user-friendly GIS program encompassing the whole world as well as local directories. It's not ArcGIS, but it's supercool. And free. Go get it now!



The main library offers a series of classes each semester to learn how to use these programs. They are typically one to two hours long, and cover topics such as:

  • "Introduction to LaTeX" (useful for theses or other long papers),
  • "Using the Electronic Journals Available on your Desktop",
  • "Endnote Info Sessions", "Library Research 101", and
  • "Introduction to Dreamweaver - the basics of webpage design" (this site was created with Dreamweaver).

Other FAQ


Office of Information Techology (OIT): Frequently Asked Questions


College of Architecture: Frequently Asked Questions (link?)



* VPU stands for "Virtual Printing Unit". 1 black and white page equals 1 VPU, while 1 color page equals 5 VPUs.


**Speedy is by far the best color printer in the building, but please, convert large files to pdfs prior to sending them to this popular machine or you will create a huge backlog and other students will silently plot your demise, especially towards the end of the semester. Converting a file of any type to a .pdf is as easy as selecting "Adobe PDF" from the "Print" options menu.


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